Past Horses

A Winter’s Knight (Knight)

Knight was given back to the person who had given him to me as a gift in November of 2012.

This tall, dark and handsome gelding was given to me for my birthday in the beginning of August. He has the flat kneed movement that would make him perfect for the hunter ring.

Stylin N Cruz (Aurora)

This pretty mare I owned for about seven years, since she was a coming three year. She was sold earlier in 2011 and, while I regret it, I do prefer a more alpha type of horse.

Aurora was always so willing to please. It was amazing watching her transform from the filly who lacked confidence and a sense of respect for other people’s space to the mare she became. Despite the progress she made and hopefully continues to  make with her new owner(s), she will always have her nervous tendencies.

She taught me a lot, especially after working with more settled, “head of the herd” type of horses for most of my life. I truly did love this mare and hope that her new owner(s) are enjoying her as much as I did.

Silken Strider

This mare taught me a lot about riding. She is probably the first horse that I would actually consider mine (despite the fact that my mother had given me a very cute black breeding stock paint filly during the time we owned Silken).

She could be a real pain, but she was very forgiving and was a brave and curious mare. It’s amazing to see pictures of the three year old filly that looked like a tall lanky thoroughbred and compare them to the stocky 16HH mare she matured into.

Unfortunately, she was sold some years ago, and have since lost track of her.

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