I’ve had some absolutely amazing rides on my little OTTB this past weekend. Of course, 90% of the rides this past week or two have been hacking out. My goal in this was to get her more relaxed going out alone, despite her buddy screaming for her back at the farm.

Well, it’s working.

For the most part, I have a horse that is ok walking, even when she’d rather jig. Doesn’t loose her mind when a turkey (or three) or quail flies up from grass that’s almost up to my knees (while in the saddle). Is somewhat adjustable at the canter. Basically, I can choose if we’re going for a canter or a hand gallop. And is starting to give me a nice relaxed trot.

To add to all that, the views are amazing.

However, our little flat work session today was…interesting. She was, well seemed, bored. CANTER! is all that seemed to cross her mind for the first ten minutes or so. Towards the end I was able to get some good trot work out of her (including actually trotting the trot poles vs gracefully – and athletically – cantering them).

Once she was listening, she was allowed to take a few small jumps and we head out for a nice hack and let her stretch her legs a little.

It wasn’t a bad ride by any means, but I definitely have to be better about making time for the boring flat work (as long as the “arena” is dry enough) vs. going on the fun hacks.