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As of 12/9/2015 this saddle is still available.

Offered for your consideration is a very lightly used 17″ Heritage MKII LS  Event saddle with a narrow twist. This beautiful saddle is approximately a year old and has maybe 15 rides on it. The leather has been upgraded to English buffalo leather and offers excellent grip without the fear of premature wear that calfskin offers. It also features such as molded knee blocks, movable rear calf blocks, long billets with rear swing billet and point billet, a cutback pommel for more wither room, and adjustable stirrup bars.

The saddle is a roomy medium, bordering on medium wide with a small shoulder gusset/skid row, and a roomy gullet.

Flap Width – 14.25″

Flap Length – 13″

A unique feature of the LS model is that the panel/sweat flap is cut straighter in the front to allow for more freedom of movement for the horse’s shoulder.

This saddle does not fit my new horse, so needs to go in order for me to get one that does fit.

Asking $1500 + shipping

Additional pictures below.

Manufacturer’s description:

  • The LS (Large Shoulders) *Patent Pending. As you can see in our groundbreaking design, we cut the panel straighter to accommodate the larger shouldered horse. Then it has the knee roll on top of the flap, not beneath, away from the horses shoulder too. This combination is perfect for the rider who wants the forward flap but whose horse has large shoulders. This saddles panels and knee roll will, therefore, not hinder the horses movements, and will not be constantly pushed back by them either. This then enables us to cut the top flap more forward, for those of you with long legs and those who like to ride very short, giving you more room, as the top flap “floats” above the shoulder. Compared to traditional saddles, this massively lessens shoulder restriction and the horse will move better than it ever has! The LS, is a truly new, innovative style of saddle, that will free up your horse like never before.
As you can see, the panels are straighter than the top flaps. This had no affect on my leg whatsoever.

As you can see, the panels are straighter than the top flaps. This had no affect on my leg whatsoever.