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To say I was a little worried about how today’s ride would go was an understatement.

As always, Inara is typically super good on the ground with a halter. I took her over each jump I had set up in hand before tacking her up. No sillies whatsoever. Such a good little girl!

Of course, as soon as I start tacking her up, she gets impatient and somewhat nervous. Nothing really bad, but you can tell she’s no longer relaxed. Once her bridle is on, that seals the deal. She isn’t even remotely relaxed and it takes a while to get her to settle again. I will say she is miles better than the totally fresh OTTB she was this winter who would try to knock you out with her head (still somewhat a work in progress). And really, I’m probably making it sound worse than it actually is.

Anyway, when I first got on she really did not want to just walk…or trot for that matter. It was pretty windy and a cool 40 something, which didn’t help. We did some forward trot work and bit of cantering, to which she was more than happy to oblige. I wasn’t sure today was going to be the best day to jump, but, hey, I’m still a bit a dare-devil.

And the proof I promised:

Before anyone asks, yes, I am jumping in my dressage saddle. My gorgeous Heritage does not fit her, so I’ve been on the look out for a new jumping saddle. Though it would help my budget if the Heritage sold first…

Little Inara was excellent over the fences. She knocked a couple down when she got distracted by her boyfriend nickering to her (one of the neighbor’s geldings), but was otherwise very willing. Definitely happy she decided not to be a total rocket ship. Though I’m always happy to have a horse that wants to go vs one that would rather plod along.

Also, flying lead change after the first jump! Worrying about what lead she was on was not one of my priorities today, so she did it of her own accord.