I was not planning on riding today. It was in the upper 60s, felt humid, but it was HOT and sunny.

Right now there are probably a few of you thinking 60s does not, in any way, equal hot. Well, after a winter that started out mild and dipped into the negatives and the first week of spring bringing about temps in the 30s, low 40s if we were lucky, today definitely felt hot. The animals agreed especially the pregnant ewes who were panting by the time they made it up to the barn in hopes to find one or two dropped pieces of grain.

Anyway, I fed my girl, I dragged a water tank over to a different spot, and decided that after I did chores at the polo farm I was going home. Well, my friend kind of convinced me to come back out. She said she wasn’t planning to ride, just mess with her rotund mare on the ground.

Then she decided to ride, and wanted to go across the street where we have access to some trails and can ride on the edge of a few hay fields.

I had no clue where my short girth was hiding, and her spare “short” 46″ girth was never going to work with long billets on my cob sized Thoroughbred, so I decided to go bareback. We were only going to go for a nice stroll after all.

Well the neighbors, who are still very green riders decided to come with. To add to the mix, Inara is in heat and the neighbors only have geldings.

The ride started out nice and relaxing. We got to see how my mare reacted to the electric gate at the end of the drive suddenly and mysteriously opening (she was an angel by the way) and she got to face off with a motorcycle (which nicely slowed and passed all of us fairly wide). Again, angel.

However, with the neighbors being green and their horses knowing they were green, it wasn’t long before I had them riding up my (in heat) mare’s hind end, or squeezing between my friend’s horse and mine. I was just waiting for something to happen. Thankfully, all Inara tried to do was give them her hind end (because she’s a hussy when in heat). No kicking, no squealing, no pinning of ears, and no striking out.

Despite trying to keep my girl at a decent distance from the boys, it was a good ride and my little girly was excellent. We have some things to work on, but it’s nice having a horse with a brain!