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Can I say how much I love this little red headed mare!

Girly went over her first jump under saddle today and did so without any issue. She’s so willing, well, at least when she doesn’t seem to think she should be out with her buddy and blows me off. Still hasn’t really decided that this not running thing is her new job.

I will digress a bit and say I did introduce her to jumping a few days ago. Initially, I took her over some ground poles and, other than blowing and being looky, she followed me over them without hesitation! Then, I set up a little cross rail and again no issue. Next, was a little vertical and her response was, “Is this a cavalletti, Look how big I can trot.” Lastly, I set up a large cross rail jump and she hesitated a few times before going over it. After that, I called it a day.

No pictures or video, unfortunately, as I was the only one out there. Next time I’ll hopefully have some proof! It’s nice having a little horse that is so willing and so darn athletic.

Now all I need to do is get her ulcers cleared up so she can start packing on the pounds.