December of last year I purchased a custom saddle from Heritage Saddlery in the UK. It came a month or so later with gorgeous buffalo leather, velcro blocks and the adjustable stirrup bars from Wellep that I had requested.

Everything was perfect. Except, for one thing.

The right side adjustable stirrup bar had issues. The slide that moved the piece the leather hangs from would get stuck before I could move it to any other settings. As it was, the saddle was still usable.

But I had paid for adjustable stirrup bars and had expected to be able to use them. If had wanted stirrup bar that weren’t adjustable…well, I would have stayed with the standard option.

Matt at Heritage Saddlery was unable to help and suggested I contact the manufacturer, Wellep.

Long story short, it’s been a year of back and forth with Wellep. Many emails apparently not being received, the employee who was dealing with my issue being out for a few months and still no solution.

I was told two weeks ago that I would be receiving a PDF file with instructions and pictures to detail how to rectify the issue I am having. It still hasn’t been sent, and any subsequent emails from me have remained unanswered.

To say the least I am very disappointed.

Update: A couple days after posting this I received the PDF file I had requested from Wellep. Of course after this post I had decided to mess with the stirrup bar myself and got it working.

For anyone with a similar issue, here are the instructions I was sent:

Solution to a Sticking Stirrup Bar