First off, I apologize for absolutely not updates in well over a month. Guyana, who I am trying heartily to start calling Inara, did not arrive until January 6 at around 8:00pm.

I quickly found that she does not fit into a 78″ blanket. However, she seemed glad for the ordeal to be over with.

Which leads me to a little more back tracking. Apparently enroute, somewhere near the SW corner of Michigan the driver got into an accident. Icy road aren’t fun. Long story short she arrived with stables in her left eyelid (never was it mentioned to me that the gash she received was anywhere near an eye), a sore on her hip and some scraps on her legs that were self inflicted from roughhousing too much in the eurociser before ever being loaded.

Poor girly.

To ad to my stress level, she managed to injure herself after being here for less than a week and required antibiotics.

That gouge is right above her guttural pouch and carotid artery. Thankfully, while deep, it wasn’t any deeper.

I’m truly hoping those injuries fulfills my quota for a long while.

On to happier news, she has had a total of approximately eight rides off of the track. One her very first ride, my friend and I decided to go off property as she was being so good.

She also couldn’t have cared less about the weird, small, fluffy white things that were making all kinds of odd noises.

She’s currently a bit footsore, which is to be expected. Which means the lucky little girl has a nice (used) pair of Renegade boots. I haven’t used them yet, as we have a nice layer of snow on the ground and she seems perfectly comfortable on that.

Now one that melts, she may end up going in a pair of EasyShoe Performance N/G shoes for a couple months.

Either way, she’s currently sassy and enjoying herself.

And looks gorgeous in her new Tack Shack of Ocala halter.

I may make a post reviewing the halter a little later this weekend.

If anyone is interested, this is her video from the CANTER ad. She had had here shoes pulled and been turned out, so was a bit footsore.